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By working with Lawgical Trust, you have the opportunity of working with a Licensed Paralegal who is committed to honesty, integrity and customer relations. At Lawgical Trust, we are focused on your vision, opportunities, issues and challenges. 



Our mission is to provide excellent legal and public services in a diligent and timely manner.


Commissioning of Documents

  • Visitation Letter

  • Sworn Affidavits

  • Attestations of IDs & documents

  • Travel Consent Letter

  • Name Change Application

  • Statutory Declarations

  • Solemn Affirmations

Maintain Your Independence

Allows those who were convicted of a criminal offence, but have completed their sentence and demonstrated that they can function in society access to having their criminal record set aside.

Helping You in Daily Life

Life celebrations? Invite your family and friends from outside of Canada to visit during a special time. 

Small Claims Court

Seeking monetary compensation of $35,000 or less for property valued damages

Stones of Meaning




Arash Safari Fard

“I highly recommend Tyannah. She is very helpful and professional. Always prepare job precisely and quickly. Can’t be happier with her service.”

Senobar Ammari

“If you need professional fast and furious services with reasonable price, contract Tyannah.
Thanks Tyannah for your services I am delighted to have you as a consultant.”

Julieann Gabriel

I highly recommend Tyannah! Very efficient and very kind! I wasn't able to pick up my document and she has this big heart to drop it off at my place!

Chantel Simpson

I had a small claims court case and has taken all the stress off my back. She is honest, reliable and has communicated with me throughout each step of this process. Tyannah is amazing.

Ravinder Dhaliwal

“Tyannah is a very professional and humble person. I had a great experience dealing with her. I would recommend to everyone as I was able get visitor visa for parents with her commissioned letter.”


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